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GMAC UK Marketing 8th Auto Lease ABS

The securitization follows just weeks after parent General Motors agreed to the sale of its historic Vauxhall brand line of vehicles, which comprised the bulk of securitized assets in GMAC’s two most recent E-CARAT platform ABS deals.

Fitch: Auto Sector Faces Long-Term Credit Deterioration

The rating agency warns that net chargeoffs and serious delinquencies (60-plus days) will continue to mount despite strong macroeconomic conditions (such as jobs growth) and tightening underwriting standards among prime lenders,

Car Lenders' Double-Whammy: More Late Payments, Slumping Prices

Ally Financial said Tuesday that its 2017 profits will likely be dinged by rising delinquencies on subprime auto loans, as well as by falling used-car prices, two trends long predicted by observers who noted that car loans were becoming less affordable for American consumers, particularly those with poor credit scores.

Capital One Selling $1.15B in Credit Card-Backed Notes

Capital One is securitizing $1.15 billion in consumer and small-business credit-card receivables, in its first asset-backed card series notes transaction since August.

Why CommonBond's CEO Says Fintech Charter Could Be a Game Changer

In a Q&A, CommonBond CEO David Klein discusses how an OCC charter might benefit customers by lowering the cost to run a student loan refinancing



Reg AB II Returns from Limbo

Regulation AB governs registration, reporting and disclosure requirements for all things asset-backed. The Securities and Exchange Commission appears to be ready to update it significantly, but, nearly four years after changes were originally proposed, it’s not clear exactly what the Commission will do.

Student Loan Market Headed for Crisis, CFPB Warns

The swelling trillion-dollar student loan market is missing key data and regulations necessary to head off another financial crisis, according to Rohit Chopra, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s top official in charge of dealing with student loans.

Finra Files Proposal to Disseminate Price Data

The proposal would introduce dissemination of trade prices for securities ranging from highly liquid credit card and auto ABS to smaller and more esoteric deals in asset classes such as time shares, to commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) and highly structured CDOs and collateralized loan obligations.

Fitch: External Factors Biggest Threat in 2014

Overall issuance growth will moderate in 2014, Fitch Ratings' managing director for asset backed securities says in the firm's outlook.

How Big Box Bankruptcies Would Impact CMBS

Direct exposure to either J.C. Penney or Sears is typically highest in seasoned deals where there are only a small number of loans remaining, and one is secured by a retail property.


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