Deal Scan: Mass Issuing $162M Student Loan Bonds

The Massachussetts Educational Financing Authority is issuing $162.23 million of private student loan revenue bonds; Fannie Mae obtains more front-end credit risk transfer; Blackstone issuing and Barings refinancing European CLOs.

Regulatory Vacancies Hindering Relief from Agency Rules

At an industry conference Thursday, three former banking and capital markets regulators – including former U.S. comptroller Eugene Ludwig – joined in the chorus of industry voices doubting that any near-term relief from Dodd-Frank rules is on the table.

Debating "Shot Across Bow" to Leveraged Lending Guidance

A recent challenge to the legality of leverage lending guidance could have broad implications for issuers, underwriters and investors in corporate loans. But the end result could be added complexity, rather than a wholesale easing of restrictions

There's a Downside to Deregulation for CLOs

Rolling back risk retention rules in the U.S. risks undoing harmonization with EU rules, complicating dual compliance, there are also complications for some managers who pursued workarounds for certain deals.

Investor Panel Sees No End to Retailers' Struggles

The concern is particularly significant for investors with exposure to over-leveraged chain stores like Sears, Macy’s, Nieman Marcus, Payless Shoesource and Gymboree, among dozens of others. Estimates are default rates in retail could reach 9% by year’s end.


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CLO Managers Holding Out Hope for Regulatory Relief

Some are wording the language of amendments used to refinance deals so as to be able to benefit if risk retention rules are repealed.

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