Banks Test Blockchain for Syndicated Loans with Symbiont, R3

The nine participants are seeking proof that processing loan data exclusively on a blockchain could eliminate the cost for each to maintain their own lending system.

Rush To Extend Maturity of CLOs Ahead of Risk Retention

In October, roughly $40 billion collateralized loan obligations will become callable, giving managers with a required payment date only a month in which to refinance before the risk retention requirement kicks in.

August CLO Volume Third Highest of 2016

The monthly total of $5.9 billion in new collateralized loan obligation issuance in August made slight gains over July’s output, but year-to-date issuance remains sharply off 2015’s pace.

CLO Spreads Tighten Despite Rising Issuance

High investor demand for collateralized loan obligation paper is squeezing spreads to their tightest levels in more than a year, even as improving monthly CLO issuance has reached its highest level of 2016.

Securitization Head Retiring from NewStar

Mid-market commercial direct lender Newstar Financial is losing one of its founding members and a key figure in establishing its multi-faceted securitization platform with the announced retirement of treasurer and asset management head John Frishkopf.


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John Frishkopf

Treasurer, Head of Asset Management

Firm: NewStar Financial

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Verizon Selling Bonds Backed by Cell Phone Payments

The $1.17 billion deal follows a year’s worth of management deliberations over issuing asset-backeds, which Verizon expects to lower the cost of financing device payment-plan agreements.The deal will also ease pressure on the carrier's own corporate credit ratings.

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