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We are pleased to introduce the ASR Scorecards Database containing data on nearly 10,000 historical and current US deals with easy navigation on deals, rankings and much more.

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ASR Scorecards, Asset Securitization Report's online database, is designed to help you search for deals inside our crucial Scorecard data with 2 modes: DEALS and RANKINGS.

You can find deals by: Deal Name, Deal Participants, Sector & collateral, Pricing Date/Date Range, Closing Date/Date Range and Deal Amount. You can even improve your search results by zoning in on deals that have been insured (“Wrapped”) with a single checkbox.

The Results list identifies key deal details, and clicking on a deal name shows tranche-level details on that particular deal. You can even download all your results to Excel. The Excel scorecards provide even greater detail than what is included online, such as the parent entities of each of the deal participants and deal notes.

There is no more waiting for Rankings to be announced. You can rank Deal Participants by Participant Type and narrow your search by Sector and/or date ranges. The results display total deal volumes, rank and market share. Click on a “Chart” icon for a visual representation of the Rankings that can be easily copied and pasted into presentations.


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John Frishkopf

Treasurer, Head of Asset Management

Firm: NewStar Financial

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